January 10th 2019 Meeting: Have a bright, glowing New Year!

Fluorescent mineral exhibit at the Rice NW Museum

We have enjoyed the beautiful holiday lights, but it is like that at any time of the year when our minerals light up under long wave and short wave light.

But what in the minerals cause them to glow? Why is it that calcite and fluorite tend to glow more commonly but not always? Are some mineral from certain localities more likely to glow?

We loved this presentation by Bob Oblack in the past, and as a member of the Fluorescent Mineral Society, he may have some answers. Please bring both some rocks and your questions as we explore this topic.


Members and friends

A most memorable time was had by all at our annual Holiday Dinner. This Dinner was the last meeting until we start again with our next meeting on January 10th.

We had the best tasting food (loved that Turkey)! A wonderful Violin musician filled the air with her beautiful music. We adored the detail that went into the beautiful decorations. We enjoyed seeing our dear friends receive their awards! Our friends also had the most incredible luck winning raffle prizes and more raffle prizes, after more raffle prizes (how did they manage that?)

Congratulations went out as awards went to Bill and Linda Harvey, as well as Glen Woodward and Chris Weaver. They are all wonderful volunteers!

Congratulations to newly elected board members for 2019

President – Casey Truman

Vice President – Mathew Porter

Secretary – Rey Agustin

Treasurer – Linda Harvey

Board member – Bill Harvey