TVRGC Member of the Year Trophy

Tualtin Valley Rock and Gem Club Member of the Year TrophyI’d like to share with you the story behind the making of our new Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club Member of the Year Trophy. Many hands went into the process and all need more recognition than this, so please take a moment to thank them at our meetings and club activities for going out of their way on this project.

Conceived, designed and built in 2013, this one-of-a-kind trophy was intended to personify the many aspects of our club and to create a way to acknowledge members that donate significant time and energy. It is anticipated that new and old members alike will view winning this trophy as a goal and be inspired to help the club as much as possible throughout the year, making the club a place to be enjoyed by all.

Winners keep the trophy for one year. Then, at our annual award banquet in December it is brought back for display to be passed on to the new Member of the Year voted on by Club member secret ballot in November.

Evolution of the Trophy

This trophy was designed to be a 20 year award and has 20 plates for names. Each winner is charged with creating and adding something to the trophy during the year they have it. In 20 years we anticipate it will evolve into an ever more spectacular and unique trophy that will uniquely reflect each new, Club selected, Member of the Year.

Initial construction involved many people and many donations of materials. Some of these people were from other clubs in the metro area, demonstrating how we are more than just a club, we are a community.

Below is a list of people who donated materials to make the award possible:

  • Base: The Black Walnut slab was donated by Steve Rutledge, a TVRGC member. Steve had been curing and drying the wood for the prior 5 years. The slab was then cut and shaped by John Van Loo Sr., who is the father of member John Van Loo.
  • Main Crystal: The natural Quartz crystal spray formation was donated by John Van Loo, a TVRGC member.
  • Faceted Stone: The blue faceted stone is Russian Blue Quartz. It was cut and donated by Gail Bumala, who was at that time the President of the Columbia Willamette Faceter’s Guild. Primary support agate slabs.
  • Main Stone Supports: Three slabs of Mystery Mountain Agate came from Nevada were donated by member Jeff Payne. The slabs were cut by Brian True, who went on to win the first award. The slabs were polished by John Van Loo. The mirror finish of the stones show why John is often sought out by serious collectors.
  • The topper: The red half-sphere on top is Carnelian and was donated by Mitch Metcalf, the 2013 TVRGC President. Mitch designed and coordinated the construction of the trophy.

The Legacy

This trophy has a legacy that includes not only its materials, but also it’s construction. Many hands were involved in its planning and building.

Other people who were involved in either planning, donating or assisting in some way include:

  • Russell Snook, TVRGC Past President and AMFS Master Carl Weaver, 2013 TVRGC VP and silver-smithing class instructor. Mike Medvek, past President of Oregon Agate. Taylor Hunt, past President of TVRGC.
  • Linda Harvey, 2013 TVRGC Secretary and past Rice Museum Director.

Thank You to all for your involvement!

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