Giant Rock Falls in Umpqua, Oregon

Living in the Pacific Northwest, falling rocks are a part of life and the myths of the infamous Native American throwing rocks at the strange and noisy creatures moving at high speeds through the mountains. We’ve had our share of devastation as people continue to build on steep mountainsides and fragile geological areas and suffer the consequences of slides.

With all of that familiarity, news out of Umpqua that a massive rock fell onto Tyee Road near milepost 6 in Douglas County would not have created much excitement save for the size of the rock that landed on the road.

Rock Falls on Tyee Road - Umpqua - Mike Henneke - The News Review 2016
Citation: Mike Henneke – The News Review 2016

No one was hurt, and a contractor was able to break the rock up for removal in just over 24 hours, and road crews moved in to temporarily shore up the mountainous road.

Umpqua is part of the Southern Oregon Coast Range, part of the Roseberg volcanics. Much of the geology along that area is a mix of igneous rock, pillow basalt, and sandstone, mudstone, and other sedimentary rock.

Oregon Field Guide produced a 10 minute piece on the North Umpqua Geology, offering more insights into this beautiful area of our state.

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