February 2016 President’s Message

Hi everyone.

Are you looking forward to our upcoming show? With only a few weeks to go, it’s coming up fast. This year’s show Chair, Rose Jackson, is working diligently to bring things together, but she’s going to need help.

You know, an important part of being a club member is participation. Our Operating Procedures state that two of the duties of members are;

  • To attend club functions and
  • Volunteer your time and expertise.

So in that spirit, I trust you will come forward and give Rose the help she needs. With everyone coming together to help, no one has to work too hard and everyone can enjoy the show, the camaraderie of friends and share in the attention a show like this brings to our club.

Below are the major areas we, as a club, need to focus on to have a successful show.


In addition to set up and tear down, there are 4 major areas that need staffing. They are;

  • Security monitors
  • Kids Corner
  • Silent Auction
  • Demonstration Table

Please make sure you are on one of these lists.

Displays area

This is where we as a club get to show off our individual talents, interests and skills. Carl Weaver will be organizing display cases again this year. The club has only about 20 loaner cases available, so get your application in to him soon if you need one of them. Putting in a display case is one of the most satisfying ways to be part of our show. You’ve got a collection…show it off.

Silent Auction

Again this year, Tom Wilson will be managing the silent auction table. Tom has vast experience in rock identification and if you ever wanted to take a crash course in identification, this is the area for you. As a member of Tom’s team, you will have a hands-on, total immersion experience that will raise your knowledge and experience in a major way. This is highly recommended for all skill levels.

In addition to working on the staff, Tom will need a good supply of material to sell. If you can help with this, please bring buckets of rock, slabs, agates and especially thunder eggs. The silent auction tables are one of our biggest sources of revenue and are critical to our clubs budget.

Raffle items

Another source of revenue at our show is the raffle. But ticket sales are only strong if there are interesting and desireable prizes. These do not have to be rocks or even rock related. A guided fishing trip, dinner certificate, camera or gift card are all perfect items for raffle prizes. Basically, if you’d be happy winning it, chances are good someone else would be too.

Kids Corner

Rose tells me there is a need for not only staff here, but also donations of tumbled rock. Kids Corner, like the Silent Auction tables, makes a major difference to our clubs revenue for the year. You will interact with the next generation of rock hounds at this table. It’s a lot of fun.

If all these areas are staffed and supplied, then the show will be virtually guaranteed to be a great one. Your participation is critical. Ask Rose where you could help out the most or tell her what you want to do. Get involved and you will find membership means far more to you.



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