Feb. 14th Presentation on Meteorites.

We will be having a short presentation on meteorites and we will see and touch several different types! We may learn about the classification of meteorites from our presenter Dick Pugh from the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory at PSU. Bring your questions and your meteorites or your meteor – wrongs.


This is an example of a Stony Iron Meteorite slice called a Pallasite.

March 14th meeting presentation: Author Garret Romaine


We are pleased to present Garret Romaine as our speaker for our first meeting in March on the 14th, after our Rock and Gem Show. He will be there to talk about his one of his newer rock hounding guide books, Gem Trails of Northern California. As you maybe excited to be planning for your summer trips, please bring your questions and maybe your note pads as I am sure there will be much to discuss. Garret can bring a wealth of rock hounding knowledge for everyone.

The pictures above are just a few of his books, he has also written Geology Lab for Kids, Rock Hounding Idaho and more.


Thank You to our presenter Bob Oblack for our Jan. 10, 2019 meeting

Fluorescent mineral exhibit at the Rice NW Museum

We learned minerals required activators in trace amounts included in their chemical make up that caused the minerals to glow and about how the uv lights cause the different colors after those minerals absorb the uv light. We explored what kind of rocks or minerals from our own and our friend’s collections we had glowed.

This editor of this post was excited to learn that some Kyanites could glow red under longwave! If you missed it because your schedule was busy, below is a link to learn more. A big thank you goes out to Bob Oblack member of the Fluorescent Mineral Society. He is also a member of the Clackamette Mineral and Gem club where he will be presenting again in September or at their show in October.

The Fluorescent Mineral Society

Clackamette Mineral and Gem Club