Summer Member and Friends Picnic

Happy Hot Summer Everyone!

We have our Summer shindig coming up on Sunday, August 26th.

Set up will start at 11 with food and games starting at 12:30.

We really want to have a bunch of fun, so please invite at least 1 family of friends and all your kids and grandkids! We’ll have badminton, croquet, a rock dig for the kids, and some other fun events. We’re of course going to have a silent auction and slabs for our amusement.

We’ll be having brautz, vegetarian brautz, and hot dogs that the club will provide along with drinks. A potluck will provide the rest of the foodies. Since we’re inviting guests, we will be providing plates and silverware. Please email me with an RSVP by the 21st of August.

We really appreciate everything everyone has done to make this a great year.

Welcome new officers

Elections were held at our last meeting of November and our new officers for 2018 are:

President Richelle Borlaug

Vice President Casey Truman

Treasurer Linda Harvey

Secretary Matthew Porter

Board Director Rose Jackson

Board Director Bill Harvey

Board Director Cindy Yablok

Other changes of note:

Newsletter Editor  Gayle Butler


Awards Banquet 2018

The club held it’s annual Awards Banquet and Inauguration Ceremony December 10th. A good time was had by all and the food was outstanding.

People lineing up for food
This years banquet was a pot-luck and the food was delicious.
Cliff in Santa Hat Carves the roast
Cliff Vanderzanden carved the roast at the banquet.

Everyone I spoke to raved about it’s flavor and how tender it was. You could cut it with a plastic fork!

We also had a raffle with some absolutely fabulous items. This year there were 34 items, so many attendees went home with a prize.

In addition to swearing in the officers for 2018, Awards for this past year were handed out.

Winners :

Member of the Year: Casey Truman

Presidents Award: Tom Wilson

Long and Outstanding Service Award: Don and Linda Shattauer

Congratulations to you all and thank you for all you do for us.

Rose gets award
Awarded 2016 Member of the Year
Presidents Award goes to Vivian Howard
Mitch Metcalf presents Presidents Award to Vivian Howard
Carl Weaver gets award
The 2016 Long and Outstanding Service Award was presented to Carl Weaver

And finally, we want to congratulate Russel and Dorothy Snook, who celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with us that night.

50th Anniversary
Celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

September Presidents Message

As we turn our attention to Fall events, I am reminded that it’s time to form a nominating committee to prepare for our Fall elections. If you can help out with this committee, please let me know. Being on the committee in no way makes you a candidate, but means you would be tasked with finding a suitable one. This is your club, so resolve to help it thrive and remain an organization that you want to be a part of by being involved in how it’s run.
Coming up…
Portland Regional.
It’s that time again and it’s time to be thinking of putting in a display at the Portland Regional Show, which will be October 7th, 8th and 9th. This is still the 2nd weekend of October, but will seem like it’s happening in the first week. Set up will be on the 5th and 6th, so please plan on coming out and helping with that.
Holiday Banquet planning
Hey… we need a planner for this event.
Thanks everyone.