Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club Places third in NWFMS Website Competition

The results are in and the Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club is proud to announce we’ve won third place in the Northwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies website contest. The contest was open to all Federation member rock clubs within the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington, which comprise the NW Region of the American Federation.

“We’ve really come a long way considering only a few years ago we didn’t even have a web presence” Webmaster Mitch Metcalf Said. “So this is a really big deal for us and a huge honor.”

This was TVRGC’s first time entering the Federation’s annual contest. The First Place website was the the Yakima Rock and Mineral Club, which went on to compete at the American Federation Level.   Results were not available as of this posting.

Website Award - NW Federation of Mineralogical Societies - 3rd Place to Tualatin Valley Rock Club 2016

Congrats to all of the volunteers who worked so hard to ensure our site was a contender, bringing it up to date to be compliant with web standards and national and international laws for web accessibility and the ADA, way beyond the scope of the contest rules and requirements. We’re eager to keep you updated on all our activities and news from around the rock and mineral world as we continue to move forward.

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AFMS Program Presentation Competition 2016

American Federation of Mineralogical Societies - logo.The American Federation of Mineralogical Societies has announced a Program Competition in their latest newsletter, describing the benefits as:

There are real “rewards and recognition” for winners. Cash prizes defray production costs, an award certificate and pin are presented to the winners, and information about all winners is published in newsletters and magazines. But more important, each winning program is duplicated and distributed to the seven Regional Libraries,making the winning programs available to Clubs across the country — giving their members a chance to enjoy and learn from them for many years.

The group has contributed in the past, and it would be exciting to be recognized for some of our outstanding educators and programs.

The Competition recognizes and rewards authors of presentations about the Earth Sciences. The programs are then shared with other clubs across the country. The programs or presentations may consist of digital presentations (PowerPoint) and materials (PDF) or video, 30-40 minutes in length.

There are four classes for entries:

  1. Educational
  2. Field Collecting
  3. Hot to Do It
  4. Just for Juniors (young people)

The judges are looking for:

  • Accuracy and educational value
  • Quality of photography and visuals
  • Completeness of Story (but not too much)
  • Narration that moves well from one image to the next
  • Explore an area of interest or demonstrate ideas and techniques for use
  • Well-crafted title, credits, and “the end” slides

The awards include $200 cash prize for the highest, $100 for other placements, and winners will be announced at the AFMS Awards Banquet.

If you are interested in entering the contest, let us know. We’d love to help you make it the best. Talk to a board member at the next meeting or contact us. For more information, check your latest AFMS newsletter.

Help Needed with Our Rock and Gem Club Show

We are still looking for volunteers and exhibitors, along with some other stuff for our upcoming Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Show March 11-13. Time is short, so jump on these please. Rose Jackson has given us the following wish list for help. Please contact Rose Jackson or use our contact form to let us know if you are interested.


There is still room for exhibitors. If you would like to exhibit at the Rock and Gem Show, please fill out the TVRGC DISPLAY Application and send it in as soon as possible.

Donate Prizes

We are looking for Raffle prizes. These are the prizes show attendees buy tickets to win at the end of the show. So far there is only one raffle prize. Please make sure these prizes are items people would want to buy tickets to win. They do not need to be rock and mineral related.

Door prizes are also needed. These are won by show attendees when numbers are called during the show and their tickets match the called numbers. They don’t need to be expensive but something a person would be happy to select and own.

Volunteer Time

For all of you that have already signed up I want to thank you. Your help is much appreciated. There are still places that need to be filled in so during set-up, if you will be able to volunteer additional time during the show, please stop in the lunch room area where the sign-up sheets will be and add your name to a task.

Club Member Sales

If anyone is interested in selling a few items – finished items only, no rough materials – at the members sales table please notify me before show set-up. I will need a count on how many people are selling. Currently I have 3 people signed up for sales. Please don’t come to the show expecting to sell without contacting me in advance. Space is limited!

How club member sales work.

  1. You have to mark all your items with some type of identification, price and include an inventory sheet listing your items for sale.
  2. You will be giving 10% of your sale to the club.
  3. All sales will be written on a receipt>
  4. Pay out is after the show at the next following meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Rose Jackson or use our contact form.

President’s Message November 2015

I feel like October just swooshed by us. With the weather being so warm and dry, I feel like Fall has been dragging it’s heels and Summer just wants to hang on. No complaints from me on that except some important things that should have happened in October, didn’t.

Elections & Bylaws

November is a very important month for the club. We have only one meeting – on the 12th because our second one falls on Thanksgiving. Elections take place at this meeting, and by this time, we’re supposed to know who’s running for each office. But we don’t. We are still seeking nominations for President, Vice President and Secretary. Now that really concerns me. If there are no candidates… what then? Our nominating committee chairman this year is Walt Butler, so if you have someone to nominate, please submit nominations to him. Continue reading “President’s Message November 2015”

June 2014 President’s Message

It’s summer and the rockhounding is on. Come join us at our next meeting where we will discuss upcoming field trips and adventures for the next few months.

Board Vacancy

We will have a vacancy on the Board of Directors when Lara O’Dwyer-Brown leaves for Denmark this month so there will be a special election to replace her. Please come to the regular meeting on June 12th to cast your vote and to say a final farewell to Lara. We wish her well in her new adventure. Continue reading “June 2014 President’s Message”

2012 Annual TVGC Christmas Banquet and Raffle

Please join us for the Annual TVGC Christmas Banquet and Raffle, Saturday, December 1, 2012. We’ll have a turkey and ham buffet at the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center (Map) in Forest Grove, Oregon.

The ticket price is $10 per person and the money raised from this and the raffle goes to support the Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club educational programs and activities.

Please contact us or buy your ticket at the next meeting to ensure a place at the table.

If you would like to bring anything to donate for the raffle, please let us know or bring it to the banquet that night.

Thanks to Alice Hoskins and Mary White for helping to put this together this year.

Club Volunteers Needed for Portland Regional Show Security

Mike Malakowski announced at our last meeting that our club is responsible for providing security volunteers for this year’s Portland Regional Rock and Gem Show. If you would like to volunteer, and it includes free admission, please contact him or contact us and we will forward your message to him.

They are also looking for a coordinator for show publicity as well as publicity material. If you have good photographs or stories about previous events, please let David or Mike know.