President’s Message November 2015

I feel like October just swooshed by us. With the weather being so warm and dry, I feel like Fall has been dragging it’s heels and Summer just wants to hang on. No complaints from me on that except some important things that should have happened in October, didn’t.

Elections & Bylaws

November is a very important month for the club. We have only one meeting – on the 12th because our second one falls on Thanksgiving. Elections take place at this meeting, and by this time, we’re supposed to know who’s running for each office. But we don’t. We are still seeking nominations for President, Vice President and Secretary. Now that really concerns me. If there are no candidates… what then? Our nominating committee chairman this year is Walt Butler, so if you have someone to nominate, please submit nominations to him. Continue reading “President’s Message November 2015”

Bylaws and Operating procedures Committee update

August, 2015

The committee tasked with updating the Bylaws and Operating Procedures is nearing final draft stage. The Board will review and then give a recommendation to the general membership for passage. We will publish the changes in the newsletter and then have a general membership vote in November when we have our club officer elections. Members are encouraged to read and comment on the updates.