Oct/November Presidents Message

You’ve probably had enough of the election madness of 2016, and you’re probably also thinking “well at least it’s finally over on November 9th”. But it’s not, because on the 10th it’s time for us to vote again. That’s the day we elect the clubs officers for 2017.

My friends, after serving 4 years as your President, it is time for me to pass the gavel. It has been my honor to serve the club, and while it’s been interesting and sometimes fun, it’s also been a time of great change and challenge. As I look back on this past year in particular, the most significant challenges seemed to be finding volunteers and committee chairs. Often, it came down to the same small group of people who ended up taking on multiple roles just so something would get done. And a few committees just never got formed at all. And that’s kind of sad. I was often wondering ‘where’s the enthusiasm’?

Now, to be fair, this is a problem echoed by many other clubs I’ve spoken with as well. We all pretty much agree that since the 50’s, each new generation seemed to have less interest in clubs and community service. As a result, old timers continue to carry the load of doing everything…till one day when they either can’t or won’t. Then our club not only shrinks, it also loses that knowledge and expertise. Our challenge for the future will continue to be how to attract and keep new people. Their energy, curiosity and enthusiasm will be crucial to keep the club going. Let us all resolve to do what we can to encourage new blood to join and participate.

In our bylaws, it says this about the duties of members:


  1. Adhere to the AFMS Code of Ethics.
  1. Attend meetings regularly.
  1. Attend Club sponsored activities
  1. Volunteer for Club sponsored activities such as:
    1. a)   Club Offices
    2. b)   Club committees
    3. c)     Show committees
  1. Keep up-to-date on rock hounding/geological topics by reading the HY GRADER and other publications.
  1. Share their knowledge and expertise with others.
  1. Wear their name badge at all Club functions.

In 2016 some members really stepped up and did all those things. Others, well, not so much. How did you do? Being a member of this club will be far more meaningful if everyone takes these duties seriously and participates with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm can be contagious. Encourage it when you see it.

And here’s a good way to encourage it. At our November meeting we decide whom to honor with several awards. Last year, Jean Hunt won “Member of the Year” honors, and Beverly Burkholtz won the “Long and Outstanding Service Award”. Please come out and vote for whom you think should be honored this year for their service. If you haven’t been to a lot of meetings, you need only look at the front of this newsletter to see who’s been doing the work. If you think someone’s done an outstanding job, nominate them. Whether they win or not, it’s still going to be a great way to encourage them.

Send nominations direct to me or to any Board Member. If we get them in time, we’ll print some ballots with your nomination on them. If not, they can be written in by voters.

The Holiday Banquet, December 10th, will be at the Forest Grove Senior Center and will begin at 1:30 PM. If you can help with set-up and decorating, that will be at noon. Contact Vivian Howard and let her know you’ll be there. She might also need some decorations so let her know if you can help with that.

By 4:30 we have to begin clean-up because there’s another event at 5pm.

It’s free!

For the first time in years, there will not be a cost to attend this event. This year we’re going to do a nice, simple, Pot-Luck style banquet. The club will provide a main course (tbd), utensils and plates. Members are asked to bring deserts, sides and holiday goodies to share.

Raffle items needed.

As in years past, there will be a raffle of ‘cool stuff’. The proceeds are intended to cover the clubs cost of the room and other expenses, so bring your Dollars to buy tickets. And if you have something to contribute to the raffle, please bring it by prior to 1:30.

Thank you in advance for helping to make this a great time.


Help Needed with Our Rock and Gem Club Show

We are still looking for volunteers and exhibitors, along with some other stuff for our upcoming Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Show March 11-13. Time is short, so jump on these please. Rose Jackson has given us the following wish list for help. Please contact Rose Jackson or use our contact form to let us know if you are interested.


There is still room for exhibitors. If you would like to exhibit at the Rock and Gem Show, please fill out the TVRGC DISPLAY Application and send it in as soon as possible.

Donate Prizes

We are looking for Raffle prizes. These are the prizes show attendees buy tickets to win at the end of the show. So far there is only one raffle prize. Please make sure these prizes are items people would want to buy tickets to win. They do not need to be rock and mineral related.

Door prizes are also needed. These are won by show attendees when numbers are called during the show and their tickets match the called numbers. They don’t need to be expensive but something a person would be happy to select and own.

Volunteer Time

For all of you that have already signed up I want to thank you. Your help is much appreciated. There are still places that need to be filled in so during set-up, if you will be able to volunteer additional time during the show, please stop in the lunch room area where the sign-up sheets will be and add your name to a task.

Club Member Sales

If anyone is interested in selling a few items – finished items only, no rough materials – at the members sales table please notify me before show set-up. I will need a count on how many people are selling. Currently I have 3 people signed up for sales. Please don’t come to the show expecting to sell without contacting me in advance. Space is limited!

How club member sales work.

  1. You have to mark all your items with some type of identification, price and include an inventory sheet listing your items for sale.
  2. You will be giving 10% of your sale to the club.
  3. All sales will be written on a receipt>
  4. Pay out is after the show at the next following meeting.

If you have any questions, please contact Rose Jackson or use our contact form.

TVRGC Member of the Year Trophy

Tualtin Valley Rock and Gem Club Member of the Year TrophyI’d like to share with you the story behind the making of our new Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club Member of the Year Trophy. Many hands went into the process and all need more recognition than this, so please take a moment to thank them at our meetings and club activities for going out of their way on this project.

Conceived, designed and built in 2013, this one-of-a-kind trophy was intended to personify the many aspects of our club and to create a way to acknowledge members that donate significant time and energy. It is anticipated that new and old members alike will view winning this trophy as a goal and be inspired to help the club as much as possible throughout the year, making the club a place to be enjoyed by all.

Winners keep the trophy for one year. Then, at our annual award banquet in December it is brought back for display to be passed on to the new Member of the Year voted on by Club member secret ballot in November. Continue reading “TVRGC Member of the Year Trophy”

July 2015 Presidents Message

July really drives home that it’s summer. Long hot sunny days make us want to be outside exploring, traveling and enjoying the delights of living in Oregon. And for our July regular meeting, we’re going to do all that plus throw in a picnic too. Yes, it’s time for our annual picnic at the Rice Museum

!Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club at picnic at Rice Northwest Museum in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Date: Thursday, July 9th. This is our regular meeting night, but we will meet at the Rice Museum.

Trailer repair Continue reading “July 2015 Presidents Message”

Presidents Message for June 2015

Taylor Hunt will be giving a presentation on his recent road trips and will be highlighting the geology of North America. Walt Butler will talk about the recent Federation meeting in Ogden, UT.

New appointment to the Portland Regional Gem and Mineral Show Association.Congratulations to Bill Harvey Jr., who will be replacing Jeff Payne as our second club Advisor to the Portland Regional. Jeff has work conflicts (congrats to Jeff on the new job), and needed to step down. The Advisor position is one of 10 voting positions on the board of the Regional. Continue reading “Presidents Message for June 2015”

Field Trip: Pink Limb Area and Glass Buttes

We’re heading to the Pink Limb area and Glass Buttes for some pink limb and various kinds of obsidian in a trip put together by Brian True for August 16-17, 2014.

Please bring camping gear or make other arrangements for lodging, along with food and water.

Contact us for more information and to register for the field trip so we have a count of how many are going.

Field Trip: Saddle Mountain, Washington

We’re heading for Saddle Mountain in Washington State July 12-13, 2014.

Come join us as we hunt petrified wood and bog wood.

This is an unguided field trip but there will be experts there to help you along the way. Brian True put these together, so he has additional information.

Please bring your camping gear or make other arrangements for lodging.

Contact us for more information and to register for the field trip so we have a count of how many are going.