Field Trip to Clear Creek Saturday, 13 April

Last Saturday we gathered at the FG Senior Center in anticipation of our first field trip of the year. The men told stories of past hunts and mother load finds while the newbies listened raptly and the old timers nodded. Yes… this was going to be a trip to the promised land of treasure hunting. A real adventure.

Our Field Trip Chairman, Brian True, passed around a sign in sheet and explained some of the rules. No digging in the creek bed, sign out before leaving and be out by 4 PM when the gate would be closed and locked again. There were other details, but those were the important ones. Then, at 8 AM sharp, we began our caravan to Clear Creek.

More members were waiting at the entrance when we arrived. The gate was opened, and we all drove in. At the first large clearing, we stopped and had another rules review and sign-in for everyone who wasn’t at the parking lot earlier. Brian did a great job and was clear and thorough about what to do, where to go and when to be out.  He really took charge of things, and with the help of his dad, Dave, the day went great. Poor Dave though… he was often called away from the dig sites to check on the gates. It seems they were being locked by loggers, who were still working in the area.  When they would leave, they would lock the gate behind themselves (like they always did). Dave spent a good portion of his day making sure no one was locked in.  Thanks, Dave. Continue reading “Field Trip to Clear Creek Saturday, 13 April”