President’s Message November 2015

I feel like October just swooshed by us. With the weather being so warm and dry, I feel like Fall has been dragging it’s heels and Summer just wants to hang on. No complaints from me on that except some important things that should have happened in October, didn’t.

Elections & Bylaws

November is a very important month for the club. We have only one meeting – on the 12th because our second one falls on Thanksgiving. Elections take place at this meeting, and by this time, we’re supposed to know who’s running for each office. But we don’t. We are still seeking nominations for President, Vice President and Secretary. Now that really concerns me. If there are no candidates… what then? Our nominating committee chairman this year is Walt Butler, so if you have someone to nominate, please submit nominations to him. Continue reading “President’s Message November 2015”


Club Picnic 2014

Our annual club picnic is coming up next month. It is scheduled for July 24th, 2014, which is a regularly scheduled club meeting date (4th Thursday of the month) and will be at the Rice Museum.

Plan on setting up at 5 and we’ll eat at 6. The museum will stay open to allow you to tour, so bring the family and a friend or two.

This year, Taylor Hunt will be grillmaster. Be sure to offer him some assistance if you can. The picnic is a potluck, with the club providing a main dish like burgers (I don’t know what he’s planning yet, so it might be chili or chicken), buns, bottled water and coffee. Members are asked to bring a side dish to share and also bring your own plates/bowls, utensils (including ones for your shared dish) and a round table cloth would be a nice touch too.

The museum only has about 70 chairs and around 20 tables, so if you can bring a table and a few chairs, that would be helpful.

Also, we will be holding a silent auction to raise some money to cover costs for the shin-dig. If you can bring some jewelry, slabs or rough along with a written note as to what the material is, along with any info on it’s history and value, that would be appreciated.

I need some volunteers to help set up the auction tables. Please let me know if you can help with that.

Impressions of My First Regular Club Meeting by Susan Schmidlin

By Susan Schmidlin

I had the opportunity to attend the Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club on the second Thursday of the Month and I was able to see how the club holds its general (more formal) meetings.

Some of the regular members set up a table with strong lights for a display area. Several members brought special pieces to be highlighted during the meeting. The petrified wood pieces were spectacular. One was thinly sliced and showed beautiful transparent red throughout the ringed body while having an outer shell of green coloring covering the edges.

Rhodocrosite from Romania was the feature of the special display. It was an underground stalactite when discovered, hanging down into a cavern. Imagine walking through and seeing four foot formations suspended from the ceiling that are a spectacular pink color! The specimen that was displayed during the meeting was a slice of the stalactite that was as big around as a whole pie and was standing upright on a base. The pink stood out with white florettes gracing the surface, it was thin enough for the lights to shine through and show the intricate designs front and back.

Continue reading “Impressions of My First Regular Club Meeting by Susan Schmidlin”

Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club 2013 Election

Don’t forget to come to our meeting, Thursday, November 8, 2012, at the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center (Map) in Forest Grove, Oregon. We will be electing officers for the next year.

The slate of officers to be nominated as our leaders are:

  • President: Mitch Metcalf
  • Vice President: Carl Weaver
  • Secretary/Hy-Grader Editor: Linda Kepford
  • Treasurer: Cyndi Stram
  • Board Members: Jack Graham and Brian True

We are still in need of another Board Member, so if you are interested in volunteering for this position, contact Beverly Berkholtz (nominating committee chair) or use our contact form and we’ll forward it to her.

Meeting: John Marshall Presents Lake Superior Agates

Lake Superior Agate - Tube - Photography by John D Marshall
Photography by John D. Marshall
At our September 13th, 2012, Thursday meeting at the Forest Grove Senior and Community Center (Map) in Forest Grove, Oregon, John Marshall will be covering the topic of Lake Superior Agates in Michigan.

He is the author of the book, The Other Lake Superior Agates by John D. Marshall. Please note that the book is now out of print but maybe found in some online used bookstores.

John’s photography and research into agates and the rocks and minerals of Lake Superior is legendary in our industry and we are honored to have him speak to us.

Picnic at the Rice Museum August 8, 2012

Picnic of Rice Northwest Museum.We will be having a picnic for club members and families August 8, 2012, at the Rice Northwest Museum in the back lawn and garden area. It is a potluck and begins at 4PM with the meeting then social time.

Please bring lawn chairs and folding tables for food and sitting.

Don’t forget your sun lotion!