Member Julian Gray Releases Book on Minerals of Georgia

Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club member, Julian Gray, recently released “Minerals of Georgia,” a long-time project with co-author Dr. Robert B. Cook, edited by Jose Santamaria.

Announced in the Examiner and in a public event at the Tellus Science Museum in Atlanta, the new book showcases the geological beauty of the minerals in the state of Georgia, and provides an exceptional educational guide for amateur geologists on the scientific makeup and locations of minerals.

Julian Gray, Executive Director of the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals in Hillsboro, Oregon, previously worked at Tellus Science Museum as its curator. He was a long-time resident of Georgia and intimately familiar with its geology as a geologist, and as a hobbyist from an early age.

Called by many “the bible of Georgia mineralogy to mineral collectors,” this is the updated edition of the 1978 original book. It includes more information on new mineral discoveries, a stronger scientific narrative of each classification, and many more beautiful photographs, many taken by Julian.

He spoke to our group about agates and his upcoming book in August. Julian will be speaking at a variety of events here in Oregon as part of the book tour and promotion. We’ll announce them as they become available.

Congratulations to Julian Gray for the outstanding work he did on the book and the fantastic contribution to mineralogy.

Rice Northwest Museum Becomes Smithsonian Affiliate

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals main building.We’re proud to announce that one of our long-time partners and affiliates, the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals in Hillsboro, Oregon, has been awarded an affiliation with the Smithsonian, the world’s largest museum and research center located in Washington, D.C., with affiliates and branches around the country.

According to the news article on Oregon Live, this is the second museum in Oregon to receive such an honor.

According to the release, museum co-founder Sharleen Harvey related that her parents, Richard and Helen Rice, “had great respect for the Smithsonian Institution and used their collections as a high standard for quality and beauty when building the Rice Museum collection. I believe the acceptance of the Rice Museum as a Smithsonian Affiliate signifies that they achieved their goal.”

Harvey goes on to say that the affiliation “confirms that [the Rice Museum] meets the high standards required to assist our schools and community in earth science education. It assures that visitors and supporters of the museum can have confidence in the quality and content of the exhibits, plus enjoyment in viewing fine minerals, fossils, meteorites and lapidary specimens.”

Speaking for the Smithsonian, Harold A. Closter, director of Smithsonian Affiliations, is quoted as saying, “The museum has a well-deserved reputation for engaging generations in earth sciences through its scholarship, exhibitions, and education programs. Our partnership offers the opportunity to underscore the importance of science as a source of inspiration in our daily lives and in the years ahead.”

The new Executive Director, Julian Gray, is a member of the Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club, and he was the driving force behind this affiliation. He will be working closely with the Smithsonian to coordinate educational opportunities and exhibits in the future.

In another news report announced in the Portland Tribune, a representative of the Smithsonian describes the new affiliation. Continue reading “Rice Northwest Museum Becomes Smithsonian Affiliate”

Rice Northwest Museum Wins Educational Award in Tucson

The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals took top honors and award at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show for its display on “Lead materials.”

The 2015 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show is host to over a hundred thousand visitors during a week to two week period in Tucson, and exhibitors come from around the world to show off their wares and rock and mineral collections.

The Friends of Mineralogy honored the Rice Northwest Museum in Hillsboro, Oregon, as it’s “Best Educational Exhibit by an Institution.” The exhibit, put together by Curator Leslie Moclock, featured colorful examples of lead with educational material about its usage and makeup.

As part of your membership benefits with the club, member admission to the museum is free.

If you haven’t been to the museum in a while, stop in and see the changes Julian Gray and Leslie Moclock have brought to this heritage site and exceptional museum.

For the historians in our club, don’t forget that the founders of the Rice Northwest Museum, Richard and Helen Rice, founded the Tualatin Valley Rock and Gem Club as well.