Watch a Little Oregon Geology on OPB-TV

OPB-TV logo with Oregon Field GuideOregon Field Guide is part of OPB-TV and is a long-time program for naturalists. Among its many award-winning programs and segments are some outstanding sessions on geology in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

For example, the Building the MAX-Line Tunnel episode takes you into the geology uncovered during the building of the Highway 26 Tunnel between Portland and Beaverton. On display in the tunnel station for the Children’s Discovery Museum and Oregon Zoo are core samples removed from that excavation, detailing the geological history of the area.

Most of these are featured on the Oregon Field Guide website for free viewing, and I highly recommend it if you are worn out watching Breaking Bad and Downtown Abbey reruns.


Oregon Geological Snowflakes: Thundereggs on Oregon Field Guide

If you missed, check online for the Geologic Snowflake Hunters Flock to Oregon for Thundereggs episode on the Oregon Field Guide on OPB TV.

Thundereggs are the state rock of Oregon, and fascinating to collectors young, old, novice, and experienced. Producer Vince Patton and his crew showcased the Madras, Oregon, annual thunderegg digs on the Richardson Ranch just outside of Madras.

As a reminder, the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, one of our affiliates and partners, has more than 1,000 thundereggs in its inventory, including the famous “Meatball,” an 800 pound thunderegg in the Northwest Mineral Gallery that has never been cracked.